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Beauty Make Up | Time for Makeup that no one can notice!

How we wish that everyone had a flawless skin! But reality is different. To combat the skin problem, makeup came into existence. It was invented with an intention to hide the flaws on the skin such as mark, dark spots, acne marks, pigmentation and patchy skin so that everyone looks and feels beautiful.

A decade back, makeup in India had a different meaning altogether. Loading the skin with chalky white foundation and then over-loading it with bright colour blush and eye-shadow was called putting on make-up. No need to mention, the result was nothing but horrendous. Maybe because of that beauty make up earned a bad reputation. But the fault was of amateur beauty professionals and of low-quality make up products.

But then came some genius brains that directed their energy towards making make up as natural as possible. And such natural looking mineral makeup like Sheer Cover struck the right chord. Make up that doesn’t look artificial, chalky and heavy are now most preferred and are considered as best make up. Hence, mineral makeups are loved by everyone. As they not only hide skin blemishes effectively but it appears to be natural.

Sheer Cover beauty makeup is particular favourites of the users as it benefits the skin along with covering spots and marks. It is best makeup for acne-prone skin. Be it working women, models, or young girls, all swear my flawless coverage Sheer Cover provides without being too cakey and heavy on the skin.