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Sheer Cover - Different Shades

How to use Sheer Cover

Q: How do I use the Sheer Cover® Kit?

A: Here are the basic steps to help quickly get started with using the Sheer Cover Kit.

  • CLEANSE your face with Sheer Cover® Conditioning Cleanser and warm water, then pat dry.
  • MOISTURIZE with Sheer Cover® Nourishing Moisturizer SPF 15 evenly over your entire face.
  • CONCEAL by dabbing Sheer Cover® Duo Concealer with the concealer brush or your fingertip under eyes, blemishes, and any other trouble spots.
  • BLEND the Sheer Cover® Mineral Foundations to find your perfect shade.
  • TAP the Powder Brush to work the powder into the bristles... remember, a little bit goes a long way so don’t use too much.
  • APPLY the foundation powder in a circular motion with the Powder Brush.
  • OPEN up and glamourise your eyes by applying an ample amount of Extra Length Mascara.
  • COLOR your world with your special bonus! Your Sheer Cover Compact contains 7 of our favorite new formulas for eyes, lips and cheeks that we know you'll love.

Learn more about simple tips to dramatic transformations with celebrity make-up artist Lisa Garner in your Tips & Tricks DVD (free with your Sheer Cover® kit).

Q: Do I use less of Sheer Cover® Mineral Foundation SPF 15?
A: Yes! The natural mineral pigments are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way to provide you full coverage with a sheer, flawless finish.
Q: Can I use Sheer Cover® on other places besides my face?
A: Absolutely. You can wear it on your neck, arms, legs, and anywhere you want to camouflage skin flaws and discolorations.
Q: Can I use Sheer Cover® even if I don't have skin flaws?
A: Of course. You'll love its natural, flawless finish, the healthy glow, the pure ingredients that treat skin gently. Mostly, you'll love the way Sheer Cover makes you feel — confident, carefree and beautiful!
Q: When I first apply Sheer Cover® Mineral Foundation SPF 15, it looks dry. Is that normal?
A: Yes, the Mineral Foundation SPF 15 may look dry when first applied. As it mixes with your skin's natural oils, the dryness disappears to leave a luminescent, flawless finish that looks like no makeup at all. You may choose to lightly spritz your face with a fine mist of water or dab any excess powder with a tissue to blend Sheer Cover®.
Q: Will Sheer Cover® wash off in water?
A: You can cover skin imperfections without fear that it will wash away in water or smear with perspiration. It's sweat-proof so you can even wear it when you work out. As with any foundation, however, avoid excessive touching or rubbing, which can remove your Sheer Cover® finish. To remove your foundation gently and easily, simply wash it away with Sheer Cover® Conditioning Cleanser. So go ahead and look flawlessly beautiful everyday!
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